Human suffering has been a topic of discussion for ages and yet it continues to target human lives. History is witness that the ground of human suffering is ignorance, however, the irony is that even the so-called intellectuals couldn’t escape it.

Recently, I learned about a trendy term – Quiet-Quitting, once again an outcome of human ignorance. Although this term sounds pacifying, there lies an obscured storm of stifled emotions, causing intense agony to white-collar professionals.

Additionally, I also discovered a poignant term – Karoshi, a Japanese term, which implies death by overwork. Both these terms shattered my soul to the core and made me realize how ignorance is engulfing human lives.

Let’s try to understand how people fall prey to Quiet-Quitting. As a matter of fact, behind every action, there lies an aspiration or in other words, it is our deep-rooted desires that propel our actions. Mostly, the common desires of earning a name, fame, power, success, and opulence drive and engage people in pursuing their respective endeavors. 

It is because of this background that work-driven individuals choose to pursue relentless and fierce work culture. Unfortunately, some fail to withstand the pressure and experience immense Physical fatigue, Mental exhaustion, Emotional breakdown, insomnia, etc., in their disposition.

Owing to this, they quietly quit their well-paid-off jobs which they earlier used to love, enjoy, and feel proud of. Moreover, their body-mind disintegration lands them into an incessant blame game state.

Moving forward, let me give you the privilege to brainstorm and ask you some relevant questions regarding the subject matter:

    • What do you think is the subtle cause behind the occurance of quiet quitting?
    • If given a chance, how would you resolve the quiet quitting issue
    • What as per you is the reason behind people’s whining or grumbling when going through hard times?
    • Why is it that most human beings don’t give credit for their accomplishments to others but stand people or situations accountable for their miseries?
    • Why do people suffer despite being well-educated and well-informed?
    • Why do human beings behave poles apart in two different situations, viz., favorable and unfavorable experiences?
    • Do you think maintaining sanity is possible amidst the tumult, if yes, how?

I would be more than happy to read about your insights on these thought-provoking questions, however, to summarise them as per my comprehension, please read on.

Quiet quitting is not the cause but rather a gross level consequence to resist unpleasant experiences of the body-mind complex. But at the same time, it gives you an opportunity to explore your true self, untangling the meaning and mysteries of life.

It is in the darkest or most chaotic moments that one can seek and discover the light within. I believe the inquisitiveness of discovering one’s identity beyond worldly identifications is the first step towards the cessation of human suffering.

But unfortunately, most human beings waste their time and energy playing blame games and choose their destiny of surviving as victims. It is only when you devoutly allow your body to still down, observing your thoughts and emotions, you’ll realize a paradigm shift happening in your entire being.

Unlike animals, we human beings are required to gain academic knowledge to survive in the empirical world. Education or learning a skill entitles us to earn a livelihood for ourselves and our loved ones, facilitating us in living a secure and comfortable life.

Likewise, spiritual awareness, allows us to discern the subtle mysteries of our existence and help us to evolve, heal and thrive no matter what life throws at us. But look at the irony, most human beings focus only on the former part and lead a miserable life. On the contrary, people who get themselves equipped with both academic and spiritual awareness lead a vibrant, joyful, balanced, and fulfilling life.

The Law of Cause and Effect or The Law of Karma, are the two fundamentals to be untangled on the path of decoding our existence. Its profound awareness sets you free from worldly bondages, creating an attitude of gratitude and an effortless acceptance of life’s happenings. It engenders empathy, altruism, and unconditional love in your consciousness forming a concrete foundation for salvation.

Before I wrap up, I would like to summarize the gist of my expression. Human life is a journey from Chaos to Clarity, Ignorance to Awareness, and so on. Needless to say, life is uncertain, the body is mortal and life experiences are transient.

Every experience, good or bad, plays a significant role in shaping the best version of ourselves. As human beings, we always have a choice – we can either dwell miserably or strive to assimilate transcendental knowledge, creating ways for our higher possibilities. 

I am leaving you on a magical note – No matter how life treats you, never forget to ask yourself, why I chose what I chose?