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Radical Results trusted by customers like, Datasmith AI, Parallel Minds, Radon Media, GetOnCRM Solutions
Radical Results trusted by customers like, Dunagiri Retreat, Dalvi Associates, Believe Foundation, Varahi Technologies

“Radical Results Accelerator dramatically transformed my business in a very short period of time.”

The Radical Results sessions are helpful to us to understand our gaps and forecast our sales which were not known to us before. Creating a task list of each discussed item and tracking them helps us to make aware about commitments and achieve the goal that we have planned.”

Minkesh Patel

Co-Founder, GetOnCrm Solutions

Achieve Extraordinary Growth

Finally Feel 100% In Control Of Your Business

  • Unlock hidden revenue and margins in your business
  • Generate more business from your existing customers
  • Shorten your sales cycle by 50-90%
  • Attract higher-paying clients and and learn to close bigger deals
  • Position your brand as an industry leader, elevating your authority
  • Simplify your operations so you can grow and scale.

“We grew our top leadership team from 3 people to 12 people in 1 year, accelerating our companies growth.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level and raise yourself to your utmost potential, quickly, then Subhash is the person to go.”

Arvind Mishra

CFO, Parallel Minds Technology Solutions

Discover the Radical Results Accelerator Program:

Unleash Your Full Business’ Potential

  • A comprehensive system designed to unlock your business’s full potential.
  • Learn from a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of building 8-figure businesses.
  • Gain access to proven strategies, and frameworks to supercharge your growth.
  • Work closely with experts who will guide you through implementation and provide personalized support.
  • Network with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to foster collaboration and potential client opportunities.
  • Results-driven: Start seeing significant growth in your business within 90 days or less.

“My business grew more than 100% in one Year

Radical Results taught me an entirely new way to sell and how to run my business and get work done from my team. It worked, and it grew my business immediately.”

Roshan Butala

Partner, Butala Trivedi and Company

Who Can Participate?

Companies must meet the following criteria:

  • Participation will be restricted exclusively to Founders and Owners of the Company.
  • Business size: Between Rs. 1 Crore and Rs. 10 Crores, preferably. However, any business size is allowed, provided the participant feel it is worth to do.
  • Must be a running business for at least three years
  • Must not have a professional VC in the business
  • Must aspire to grow the business exponentially

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

How long is the Radical Results Accelerator Program?

The Radical Results Accelerator program is designed to create long lasting growth and spans a duration of 12 months. Through dedicated implementation and expert guidance, you will start experiencing significant growth in your business.

Is this program suitable for my specific industry?

While our programs at Radical Results are not industry-specific, our coaching and consulting methodologies are designed to be versatile and adaptable to a wide range of industries.

We have successfully worked with clients across diverse sectors. Our expertise lies in helping you identify and address common leadership and business development issues, regardless of the industry. We bring fresh perspectives and proven strategies that have consistently yielded positive results.

What support will I receive during the program?

You’ll receive comprehensive support throughout the program, including dedicated coaching sessions, customized workshops, peer learning, and access to valuable resources. Your coach will provide one-on-one guidance and accountability, while workshops and peer interactions enhance your skills. We offer email and chat support for quick queries and ensure regular progress tracking. Our flexible approach adapts to your unique needs, empowering you for success.

Will the program provide a return on investment?

Yes, our program is designed to deliver a substantial return on investment. By sharpening leadership skills, improving team dynamics, and optimizing business strategies, you’ll witness enhanced performance and profitability. Many of our past participants have reported significant revenue growth and cost savings. We focus on practical outcomes and align our coaching and training with your business objectives to ensure a measurable return on your investment.

Can the program really deliver significant results for my business?

Absolutely. Our program, rooted in the Radical Results Framework, is tailored to unlock your business’ full potential. We’ve consistently helped businesses achieve remarkable growth by refining leadership, enhancing teamwork, and implementing effective strategies. Our approach combines coaching, training, and practical tools, ensuring tangible and sustainable results. Your success is our priority, and we’re committed to delivering significant and lasting improvements for your business.

How much time will the program require?

The program is designed to be efficient and flexible. While the exact time commitment can vary based on your specific needs and goals, typically, our clients engage in regular coaching sessions and participate in workshops or training. We understand the demands of running a business, so we work closely with you to create a schedule that aligns with your availability. Our aim is to make the most of your time investment, ensuring you see tangible results without overwhelming your schedule.

How many companies will participate in each program?

We will select a group of 8 Companies. Founders must attend the program; if there are multiple founders, all of them can attend the program, as long as they commit to participating for the entire year.

What if I lack the necessary skills or resources to implement the program strategies?

We understand that every participant comes with a unique skill set and available resources. Our program is designed to be flexible and adaptable. If you encounter challenges during implementation, our coaching and support teams are here to help. We provide personalized guidance, resources, and strategies to overcome any skill or resource gaps, ensuring you can successfully execute the program’s strategies tailored to your specific needs.

How do I apply and schedule a call to learn more?

Click the button below to apply and book your discovery session with our team. We’ll review your application and contact you to schedule a call at a convenient time for you.

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Radical Results Has Transformed The Way Our Team Operates And Approaches Sales And Customer Relationships In Just 6 months…

Join a thriving community of businesses that have harnessed the power of our program to attain unprecedented levels of success. Together, we’re forging a path to greater achievements and unlocking new horizons of opportunity.

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