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100% Remote anywhere in India.


We’re on a mission to make every company to be able to grow. Out of more than 31 million small businesses with fewer than 500 employees, a whopping 93% have trouble making growing their business and more than 74% of them close down in less than 5 year in business. Starting a business nowadays is easy, but making it grow is harder than before.

Most businesses face three big challenges:

  1. The ongoing struggle to cultivate a reliable and forecastable revenue stream.
  2. Figuring out the right plan for growth today and in the future can be tricky.
  3. Creating a leadership team, that can grow the company better and faster than founders.

We’ve been working on solving these challenges since last couple of years and we’re growing fast and excited for new teammates to join us who are the best at what they do. We’re passionate about building a team of extremely talented people, who are committed to do something really great in life.

Radical Results is an 100% remote company, and currently does not require its employees to come to the office, employees can work from anywhere in India.

About The Role:

Radical Results helps businesses of all sizes grow and we have a community of customer around India who are passionate about our services. We’re operating at scale, and yet have only tapped into a tiny portion of huge and fast growing market. As an Intern you will be responsible for introducing Radical Results to 1000’s of more businesses. We’re looking for someone who can think out of the box to communicate the values we offer to our customers.

What You’ll Achieve:

Build a sustainable, scalable, repeatable engine of growth levers that will help drive Radical Results business through the next stages of the company.
Drive high-quality customers, at a positive ROI.
Partner closely with every team member to scale our growth efforts 10x and optimize our self-service funnel.
Understand and improve Radical Results funnel and unlock additional opportunities to scale.
Participate in a culture of rapid experimentation, creativity and ability to be on the forefront of growth innovation.

Skills You’ll Need to Bring:

Analytical, technical and data literate – able to dig into our tracking, metrics, distill insights and tell compelling stories through data.
A strong bias to action and sense of curiosity. As a fast-growing company, everyone’s scope is big and we’re always doing something new.
An owner’s mindset – you can lead through ambiguity and dig into the details to solve every challenge on the way.

We hire talented and passionate people from a variety of backgrounds because we want our employee base to represent the wide diversity of our customers. If you’re excited about a role but your skills doesn’t align perfectly with every bullet point listed in the job description, we request you to not apply. But If you’re a creator and innovator at heart and share the passion to do something really great in life, we want to hear from you.

We are committed to providing highly competitive cash compensation and benefits. The compensation offered for this role will be based on how you perform in the interview. For this INTERN Role, the salary is 30,000 INR per MONTH (CTC), Approximately 26000 Per Month Take Home.


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The role of a startup CEO is not only about managing day-to-day operations but about being a visionary leader who can navigate uncertainties, inspire a team, and strategically shape the future of the company. Through intentional leadership, strategic delegation, and a focus on high-impact tasks, a powerful CEO propels the startup toward sustainable growth and radical results.

Subhash Trivedi, is the Founder of Radical Results.