Find a purpose for your employees, or let them go!

Author : Subhash Trivedi

Radical Results works with businesses to assist them in giving purposeful life to their employees

Employee morale has suffered due to the shift from on-site to off-site operations. Employees deserve better working conditions in all organizations. If you don’t, you risk making your staff reevaluate their career choices. A company’s success is dependent on the success of its personnel. If you want to keep the sector of your firm at a high level, you need to help your staff identify their purpose.

Individuals who have a clear sense of the larger purpose of their work are more fulfilled, engaged, and innovative. Employee output goes up when they understand how their work contributes to the company’s objectives, encouraging them to put in more effort, take charge of their work, and make smart decisions.

Understanding Purpose At Work

The year 2020 brought enormous uncertainty to our planet and shown that there is still plenty of room for change.

8 out of 10 executives believe that business can solve today’s most serious concerns. The good news is that we’re seeing a growing number of corporate executives using CSR initiatives to improve the world and inspire their workforce. Most organizations spend a significant amount of time and money on CSR projects.

It’s heartening to see that the demands of employees are being met. More than 85% of business executives and 1 in 3 employees want to work for a company that cares about its stakeholders, not just shareholders. There is now a higher sense of purpose for employees’ work, and they aren’t scared to speak about it.

Productive people at work can live out their life’s mission.

In addition, they are healthier and more resilient, and they are more likely to remain employed by the firm. As a result, employees are more engaged, loyal, and eager to recommend the company to others when they believe their purpose is linked with the organization’s purpose. To help your firm become a better place to work and tap into the huge business potential of a purposeful workforce connected with a purpose-driven organization, you must master this skill.

While a business will never be able to fully control its employees’ sense of purpose, it may help them feel as though their efforts are making a difference.

To assist employees in maximizing their sense of fulfillment from work, it is important to meet people where they are. Most employees spend 3/4th of their day at work, so making intentional changes can easily snowball into improved work experiences and surroundings.

An individual purpose can be defined as an enduring, encompassing feeling of what is most important in a person’s life; people feel purposeful when working towards something meaningful to them. Employers can use purpose archetypes to identify common themes across their workforce, but the true nature of a person’s purpose is as unique as they are. Employees need to be met where they are to maximize their sense of fulfillment from work.

Employees’ Expectations And What They Get

You need to find out what your coworkers expect of you. However, if you’re not aware of or don’t pay much attention to the expectations of your employees, you could be in for a big disappointment. Employee dissatisfaction and a lack of enthusiasm can harm your organization. The true asset of your company is your employees. And it’s up to you to know what they anticipate and do your best to meet it. Today’s workers have a growing desire for an enriching and fulfilling work environment. A wide range of topics, such as employee health and well-being and communication with coworkers and upper management, are addressed. When a company meets its employees’ expectations, it creates a positive working environment.

1. A Positive Work Environment

Having a toxic work environment will lead to low morale, high absenteeism, and high turnover of employees. People thrive in an environment that encourages them to be their best selves. An organization’s culture affects how motivated people are to produce their best work and contribute to achieving the organization’s long-term goals. They’ll have a good attitude when they get to work.

2. Appreciation

An employer’s worst error is to assume that all their employees care about is money. Yes, most people go to work to provide for their families and themselves. A task well done, or extra hours put in to achieve a tight deadline, cannot be overstated in terms of their importance.

3. Work-Life Integration

Most people are honest and decent when they go to work. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity. It is impossible to create and sustain a positive workplace culture and build employee loyalty if abusive language, profanity, and bullying are used.

4. Trust and Respect

Employees required to work irregular schedules or long hours sometimes bring their tension from the office home with them. Neither the employee nor the employer will benefit from this arrangement in the long run. To help their employees achieve a work-life balance, some top companies look for methods to make their workplaces more flexible.

  1. Transparency and Communication

Every employee expects feedback to help them improve their performance, and feedback is a great morale booster. It is critical for their development and understanding of a job for them.

6. Feedback

Expectations of employees should be enlisted and communicated. Only when employees are informed about the company’s little and large decisions can they feel a sense of ownership over their work. Also, when they are well-versed in the company’s plans, they can make informed decisions. As a result, workers demand a policy of open communication. As a result, they must be encouraged to ask questions and voice their concerns. As a result, they’ll be more likely to freely and proactively discuss work-related difficulties.

It’s the labor of people who are actively engaged in what they do, whether they’re doing it for the company, themselves, or for the organization’s greater good.

Your employee’s interest, excitement, and devotion to their work improve when they understand their role on the team and the impact of their contributions to the company’s ultimate mission. Retention will be higher in a purpose-driven workplace. A New York Times poll found that employees who find purpose in their work are three times more likely to remain with their company. It’s all about laying a foundation for work to improve life and life to improve work in a company that puts people first. Your team’s potential is virtually limitless from there.

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